How to request a Royal Visit

The Lord-Lieutenant has overall responsibility for ensuring that suitable arrangements are made for official visits by members of the Royal Family to Cheshire. Organisations considering inviting a member of the Royal Family to visit them – for whatever reason – are encouraged to consult with, and seek advice from, the Lord-Lieutenant or the Lieutenancy Officer as early as possible. These discussions should take place approximately 9-12 months before the projected date of the event. Invitations may be extended either through the Lord-Lieutenant or direct to the appropriate Private Secretary (contact details can be provided by the Lieutenancy Officer). Unsurprisingly, members of the Royal Family receive more invitations than they are able to accept. Nothing is therefore guaranteed, and it is sensible to consider a fall-back position. The chances of success in attracting a Royal Visitor are greater if two or more engagements can be incorporated into a day’s programme – hence the value in early consultation with the Lieutenancy. No publicity should be given to the fact that an invitation has been extended to a Royal Visitor. Even when accepted, an engagement remains confidential until a date decided by the Royal Household. The announcement takes the form of a short factual statement on the Buckingham Palace website